Your home is more than an investment. It’s where you and your family live, grow and play. Our real estate team has years of experience working with people in the purchase, sale and financing of residential properties.

Our clients respect our honest and transparent approach to the costs of real estate transactions, and our network of professionals (including mortgage brokers, bankers and real estate agents) appreciate the value we place on providing their referrals with best in class service and professionalism.

Whether it’s a new home or resale, freehold or condominium, let our team help you navigate the process and close your transaction with confidence.

Buying a property:

For many families, buying a home represents the single largest investment they will ever make. The lawyer’s role in protecting your investment is two-fold.

The lawyer acts first and foremost to protect your investment against Title and Off-Title defects.  In addition, the lawyer plays an administrative role in the co-ordination of the Closing of your transaction, which involves securing your mortgage, paying the Land Transfer Tax, Government Registration Fees, Title Insurance Premiums and registering all of the appropriate documents with your local land registry office.

Closing costs will be approximately 1.5% of the purchase price of the home. This will include legal fees, government registration fees and taxes and a policy of title insurance to protect you against title and off title defects. Our office is pleased to provide you a more detailed breakdown of pricing and disbursements any time.

Selling a property:

When selling your home, you will be asked to certify title to the purchaser. Many issues can arise in the sale of your home, and we assist you to protect your equity by answering the purchasers’ title requisitions and responding to any other issues that can arise during a transaction. Our staff will work with you to ensure your closing is handled carefully and conveniently.

Re-Financing a property:

Whether you are renewing a mortgage, using your equity for other projects, or just simply paying off your mortgage, ensuring the transaction is handled properly now will save you from potential problems in the future. Whether your mortgage is maturing as scheduled, or if you are re-organizing your finances mid-stream, we ensure that the conditions of your new mortgage are satisfied in order to secure and facilitate the funding of your new mortgage. We’ve succeeded if we have made your transaction as convenient as possible.

Obtaining Title Insurance:

As a home owner, you may want to ensure that you have a current and valid policy of title insurance to protect yourself in case of title fraud, unknown title defects or other issues. Our staff can help you obtain a policy of title insurance to protect you, and your investment.


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