To get started, download our Fillable will form and return it to us by email or fax.

A lawyer who deals with wills knows how to make your wishes clear so they will be carried out the way you wanted them to be. This becomes even more important if your estate is complex, or if you have concerns that someone will try to fight your will.

Your lawyer will help you:

•  Understand what you need to do and why

•  Make your wishes clear and enforceable

•  Comply with provincial and federal drafting and planning requirements

•  Reduce taxes and avoid probate fees

•  Ensure your estate can be quickly settled, and reduce the risk of estate litigation

•  Select and support a guardian for any children or dependants you may have

•  Incorporate your wishes on such topics and health care directives and funeral arrangements

•  Avoid common drafting and planning errors, such as failed gifts and intestacies

Even if you choose to write out your own will, it’s still a good idea to get some professional legal advice. It’s the best way to ensure your final wishes will be carried out the way you intended.